Friday, July 26, 2013

Is my house the only house that at around 7ish things start to turn into world war III???
I mean I see all these wonderful blog posts and instagram photos of these cute families doing cute family things. My house looks like a time bomb went off and my girls are screaming and chasing eachother. something always gets broken and i ALWAYS end up yelling. 
I feel as if the more I try to be calm and patient the more these little people take full advantage of my kindness and bring complete chaos. 
 then I end up going to bed upset and miserable with a pounding headache because all these other moms have all their s*** together and im a raging lunatic.

I know that i need to stop comparing myself to other mothers bc you dont know what is going on in that home. blah blah. but when you see such joy and you are feeling such crap you cant help but wonder if this is what life is going to be like forrrrrreeeevvvver.

I had these dreams of raising my girls in a gilmore like household. I being the loreli and my girls (especially jocelyn) being my rory.
I know its a tv show, but the dream was still there. I still think maybe one day my children will be my friends and they will want to come to me like they do. I see stories and know moms and daughters like this but it seems so far off. My brokenness seems to strong my disfunction outweighing any good i try to do
Tomorrow is a new day with new mercy and moments to ask for forgiveness. I get to try over. Man this mom thing is a tough gig.

PS: seriously ice cream man......830????

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