Friday, February 1, 2013

Memories like the corner of.......myspace??

Im in one of those moods. Those contemplative moods. Its been a few days now that all I can think about is how fast time is going. 
I feel like this whole mom/wife journey just began. but no its been 10 years of being married and 9  years of being a mom! 
I am now fully aware that I am in a new chapter/season of life. The one where you are just raising your kids. No new babies no weddings no more first birthdays. It makes me a little sad. 
I was looking around on myspace! Yes its still around. really only for musicians. I cannot believe how old i am. lol

Isn't it crazy that peoples lives are now documented for everyone, anywhere to see?? Kind of weirds me out. 
I have also been thinking of what i wish my children knew right now in this moment. I mean when they look back at being the ages they are 9,6,2 what do i want them to know about themselves. 

I saw on another blog right here that she takes photos of her children once a week. to kind of document the age and what is happening bc lets be honest they CAN change from week to week.

I don't have any photos from this week ( dont worry they will be up soon) so i figured i would start off by telling them a little know when they are old enough to read this and see how crazy mommy really is....

Jocelyn you are  9 or 3334 days old. And  you would totally appreciate knowing how many days old you are. You are a beautiful and smart almost tween. A little bit of a bossy pants but that comes with first bornhood (yup i made it a word) this week you got your tooth pulled. It was gigantic! Daddy went with you because I was home sick. He said you were a trooper. Oh man the things I could write about you. You are wonderful. and I love you to the moon.

Callie Faye you are 6 or 2292 days old. You my little one are an attention monger. You will do anything and everything for attention. Freaks me out ....A LOT!  You are a character and have a fullllll onnnn NY accent that is amazing.  This week you have been super needy in the attention department. We have all been sick but you so the lack of attention is getting to you.  You have been incredibly compassionate while we are all sick and You amaze me my little ham and cheese  i love you bunches.

OHHHH CHARLIE ROSE.  you my friend are 2 1/2  or 907 days old. You are a reckless little bug. Into everything. Funny as heck but oh man are you feisty.  This week you have gotten into nail polish...AGAIN colored on the wall....AGAIN cleaned your stuffed animal in the sink...that is a first and cleaned the toilet by yourself.  where am i you ask?? gone for 30 seconds out of the room!! 
You also are going on your new dora potty by yourself and you are so incredibly proud of yourself. 
You make our little family complete charlie bug...I love you my baby!

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