Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh happy day

Dear January,

You come every year with high hopes of new beginnings and all these good things. When in reality you are depressing and gray and boring.  The holidays are over the decorations are gone school has started again! The little bit of snow you bring is nice but actually very annoying. It's isn't enough to really play in or make a snowman or snow angels. It's really just white rain all over the place.
And seriously can you pick a temperature you would like to be?? If you are going to be a winter month then be a winter month. Stop teasing us with this warm weather!
Ohhhh and the sickness you bring with you I can definitely live without!!!! Come on!!! I really don't need another trip to the doctor or to the store to stock up on ginger ale and saltines.

You would think for being such an amazingly depressing month you would be shorter. But nooooo you are one of the longer ones.  31 days of you!

So January I am very glad to see you go! I am happy that all 31 days of you are in the past. Maybe next year you could be a little nicer to us. Please!

February please be kind....

Love never....

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