Friday, January 18, 2013

The thing about 30

I have been 30 for half a year now  and I think i have a good handle on it. I am almost to 31!! In my 30's!!!!
I was a bit worried. I mean 30 is well.....30! I cannot believe that i am not in my 20's anymore.
Lets take a moment and morn the 20's

Ok we are done.

To be honest i was having a really hard time turning 30. It was the end of all  that i had planned for my life.
I was going to get married and have babies in my 20s. I was going to be done by the time i was 30. And that is what happen. I have 3 beautiful girls and a great man.

Now what??? I just live life without a plan??????? not sure if i can do it.

 I have realized that being 30 really isnt that much different than being 29.
But a few things i have realized in the 6 months of being 30

1. I have to look at a new section in the magazines.  you know when they say dress for your 20's or skin care for you 20's 30's and so on.  I am now in a new decade of skin care and clothing?? Im pretty sure that i am going to dress exactly the same as i did last year as i do this year

2. I am now considered really old by a lot of teenagers. I mean if you are in your 20's you are still pretty cool but 30 is old!!

3. It's true what they say that the older you get the more secure you become in who you are. I have a TON to work on but I am ok with that. I am ok with who I am becoming.  I know what music I like and don't like.  I know what clothes I like and what styles I like.  I don't feel the need to be someone or fit into a group of people.  I am not a prep or a hippie or a hipster. I am me.

And yea even though i will never have a newborn of my own again (right God?? please??) and my children are getting so very big .....giant sigh. I am ok. I am excited to see what is to come of my little family of 5.  Im pretty sure if i could freeze time this is when i would freeze it!! and Even though 30 brought on a closing of one chapter it opened a new one.  And If the rest off 30's is as awesome as this year has been BRING IT 31.....sorta. ;p

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