Friday, January 4, 2013

it's a new year

2012 was a good year...almost great. I mean i went to Spain without my kiddos for 2 whole. Yup it happened! It was amazing. I missed my children like crazy but it was pretty awesome. I started to venture out and do what I love to do. I got in shape and then back out of shape. I never really ever cleaned my house on a consistent basis but i kept three children alive and pretty much least they ate!
My husband became a...cough cough..priest. Wait..what?? yup. 

But I failed a TON in 2012. I failed as a sister a wife a mother and a friend. I failed to become more humble and merciful. And i failed at becoming disciplined in all ways of my life. well not all ways..i shower regularly and am caught up on all my silly shows i watch. Really not in important ways. Ways that matter and make a difference. So instead of making resolutions and failing miserably at them I am going to pick a theme for the year. DISCIPLINE. uggg that word makes me cringe. But its a good thing. 
so 2013..... im coming at you like a mac truck.
Full force with all my might. Im determined and motivated and all that other jazz.

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