Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fiona see's all

The saying if walls could talk kinda freaks me out. One because walls talking....and two because man would it totally uncover so many of my dirty awful traits.
I think phones are now the new walls.  If phones could talk.  I mean how many photos do you actually post from your phone? i know i only post the ones that are flattering. I mean i have to make sure i pick the correct filter to hide my un made up face and my chipped nail polish. I also have to make sure that all the rolls are not showing and my legs look as long as possible. 

I named my phone a while ago Fiona. She is a member of my family. I mean i probably spend more time looking at her than i do my husband. i know sad reality. im working on it. 

she wants to go to school so badly
we did some fun baking

we did a lot of sleeping

i would like to ALWAYS remember these moments

this child is growing way too fast!

im all for arranged marriages 

yes this is how we entertain ourselves
all aboard 

so lady like

the word is still out on our state of mind
i look miserable

so this is what fiona has to say about my life lately. the good ones anyway....

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