Thursday, February 9, 2012

baby of mine

I had high hopes for this year, 2012. I mean come on I have 3 children 2 of them are in school full time. The other one takes (minus the past 3 days ugggg) solid 2 hour naps in the afternoon.
I had dreams of picture taking, blogging coffee drinking and a clean house!
Dreams...only dreams.
By the time the wee one is ready for her afternoon nap the house is trashed. She has taken all of the snacks out of the cabinet, taken a bite out of every apple or tomato (which she thinks are apples) in the fridge, made a pathway out of toilet paper and managed to feed her baby some crumb she finds on the floor that is now stuck inside the baby's mouth.
I dont "let" her do these things. She is like a baby ninja. Quick and quiet. I will be putting socks away and when i come out the soy sauce is on the floor.
It really is crazy.
 18 months means PIGTAILS!

 She is praying.  not sure where she got the closing her eyes or the whisper when she prays but its cute as carp.

 The oldest was sick, you know the kind of sick that needs a bowl next to you just incase. So, in true little sister fashion she needed a bowl too. For a different purpose that is much more fun!
She will not stand still long enough for the camera to take a picture!

At around 3 months she fell asleep on  this wonderful orange scarf of mine and has not let it go since. 

 I could die with this hat!

With all that crazy going on I really am realizing that this time passes. It is so bitter sweet to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE 18 months. It is so far my favorite stage of childhood. Next comes 5 and then 8. The years in between seem to be the days when no and go to your room are used a wholllleeeee lot.
At the same time I am so physically tired. I mean if i didnt eat so much i would be 5 pounds by now. The running around making sure things are picked up, the cat like reflexes it takes to make sure that whatever gymnastics this child is doing doesnt finish with a hospital visit and the CONSTANT" mommmeeee mommmeeeee".

My sweet baby is 18 months old today!!! 18 months!!
If i could take this baby and bottle her i would be a millionaire. She is so very loving and spicy all at the same time. My little Charlie is a cartoon character who really does make all of us laugh on a daily basis.
She is such a mash up of my older two.

Charlotte is smart like Jocelyn and funny like Callie. Man does she LOVE her big sisters.  And we just LOVVVEEE her!

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SenoraSabrosita said...

My two older ones started school and I thought I would have the time and energy to keep the house clean. But the two left at home make a mess and my 22 month old is also a silent ninja. It's amazing how much stuff she can pull out and destroy. Her favorite activity is feeding the dog, and then we have dog food everywhere! Love all the pics.