Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Blog

When I first started blogging it was for myself. I wanted to have a place to put all my pictures and the things that I was thinking about all in one place. 
As i started following other bloggers i thought it was weird that all these people would talk about how they had formed relationships with other bloggers. I mean people they have never met or might never meet.  WEIRDDDD
I totally know what these weirdos are talking about now. 
I don't have relationships with any bloggers that i follow but as people share about themselves you begin to feel like you know them. It becomes like reading someones journal (in a good way). 
Some people share a little and some a lot.

 Lil blue boo is one of the people I started following. At first it was because she had all these great ideas for kids crafts and I loved looking at her cute clothes that she made for kiddos.  As the time has passed she started to share more and more of her life. 

She has a Choose Joy series that she writes about. I LOVE LOVE it. 

Lately she has had some pretty horrific things happen to her. Started out as a miscarriage then to surgery to a emergency hysterectomy and then to finally finding out she has cancer! AWFUL! 

She has been sharing her journey with cancer and really shared the details nobody really tells you about. 

They documented her shaving her head and I cried. I cant imagine.

I don't really know why i posted about this lady. Maybe because i find myself praying for her when i think of people who are sick. My heart breaks for her and all she has been through and all she will have to go through.   

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