Wednesday, January 4, 2012

30 days of sick

I started this photo challenge and this 30 things to do before i turn 30 things to do before i turn 30 and I have failed miserably. 
My kids have been sick since Halloween. Going from one child to the next and then repeating itself. Just when i get the house bleached and the sheets washed it starts again. 

I know its part of the season and all but really!!??? Today is a day filled with a cranky baby with  double pink eye and a whole butt load of laundry to catch up on from the vaca.

So i have not done the what i wore day or whatever the next is because i have been inside and have worn my "house clothes". You know the ones you wear when nobody is going to see you. God forbid anyone stops by i WILL run for cover and pretend like you are a sales person trying to see me lice. 

So the photos i have taken I have taken while 2 of my kiddos were in somewhat pleasant moods  I tortured them with flash positions and aperture settings only to not get one shot of them actually still.

These photos are just random cute pictures of my 3 chicks.

 She is animated I tell you! A new face every day from this little bug.
Man are we in trouble! She is 8 going on 25! I am lucky that she is not into boys being cute yet like some of her other friends. 

My sweet baby butterfly. I LOVE a nice black and white photo. This was before school today. She said she was stuffed like turkey. It was 13 degrees today when they left for school!!

Those are just a few of my little crew. One day I hope to look back on these photos and remember all these tiny moments. I think that is why i take so many pictures of these kids. I really just don't want to forget any of these moments. 

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