Friday, October 30, 2009

Me vs Table

So this is my first "craft" post in a while. I'm not finished yet with the table but here is the first step.

This table was bought for my husband and I by my parents the first year of our marriage. It was a dark brown color when we got it and it fit with our style when we first got married. Which was poor style.
I then painted it red thinking i would use it in he girls play room but never did. So i am trying again.
This pot was my inspiration . Here is step one. Not so bad i must say =)


The Other Tiffany said...

super cute! What is step 2? Are you going to antique it?

MiddleMelansons said...

i have to do some touch ups on the blue paint. im thinking of putting this gray gloss on it. its just a tint but i saw it used somewhere and im loving it!