Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby envy

It might be something in the air, but i have serious baby envy.
I don't think i have ever had baby fever. When i got pregnant with Jocelyn it was a surprise. With Callie i got pregnant so fast that i didn't really have time to desire another baby.

Last year after my miscarriage I didn't have the desire to start again. I didn't want to be pregnant again or to have another baby. Now that its been almost a year I'm feelin the baby thing again.
I am craving that romance of a new baby. That baby smell and the tiny socks and bottles everywhere.

with all that i cannot believe that my girls are so BIG!!! Callie is 3 and Jocelyn is almost 6! when did they get bigger? when did the change from tinny little things to big girls? Do i really not have any diapers to be changed in my house??????


The Other Tiffany said...

go ahead and have another one so I can get baby cuddles from your kid and not have another one. have a boy next. it's the quickest way to close your uterus FOREVER. :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

You should try for another one. My sister had a miscarriage too. So, I understand the fear of trying again and the pain of it all but God has his reasons for everything and now she has a healthy baby boy on the way.

Also, about my sis's hat. I actually bought it a craft show last week in Nashville. It seems to be the trend this year... all the booths were carrying it. I would suggest trying a craft fair first but I am sure it's only a matter of time before stores carry it or a smiliar style.