Sunday, September 28, 2008

just for tiffany

My wonderful sister in law has been asking me for some photos of my "craftiness" SO, here is some of it.
I have this photo/crap holder that was not being used and like a lot of people i had those old jewelry holders that just got everything tangled. so new uses for old things right??

One Saturday while alan was away the girls and i decided to go to a few garage sales around where we live. After a whole day we came up with a few finds. Jocelyn got about 4 shirts and 2 jeans for 5 dollars and some stuffed animals that some lady was giving away.
But i walked away with this great piece of furniture for 20 dollars. It is a great piece for storage ( i have yet to figure out what i am going to put inside) The top was a very ugly green and white pattern and it is coming off. i havent fixed that yet .

and the after......
i covered it with a fabric i got for 2 dollars at walmart.

I have this great table and chairs. But with white fabric on the chairs it doesnt work to well with my kiddos. So i decided to cover 2 of them with a fabric that my whole family has had and could never figure out what to do with and some red fabric that i got again at walmart for a dollar!!! =)
so thats my "craftiness" for now next time ill show my back yard and the playroom.

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The Other Tiffany said...

Thanks for indulging me! I love the chest and I hate you for finding $1 fabric. I've been looking for a fabric deal forever.

I know what you mean about the fabric chairs, all of mine have fabric too. But you know what? If it only cost you a dollar or was free to begin with, when it's all gross you can just do it again. Can't wait to see you guys in November!