Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Year

Hello All five of you who read my blog. =) I am sorry that it has been a while. I have been doing things like hanging with my family and doing arts and crafts for big kids. But more on that in another blog maybe tmrw.

SO, I have tons of pictures that i need to go through on my computer and maybe one day I will print them out and put them in an album. For now here are a few.
Jocelyn started Pre-K last week and seriously dont know where the time went. She really is ready for school and everything, but i feel like she is still so little to go into a big school. So, the last week of summer before school started
Alan and I decided we were going to jam some fun activities in. Like spending hours at the park, going for bike rides, and just spending time as together as a family.
Here are a few shots from the park.

We also decided last year that everyday before the first day of school Alan would take Jocelyn on a Daddy date. It is a special day when she can pick anything she wants to do This year she wanted to go on a family date. Her reasoning...."callie and mommy are really going to miss me"
So that we did. We didnt do everything that Alan and Jocelyn would
normally do. Jocelyn picked California Pizza Kitchen. (LOVEEEEEE)
We had a great time. The girls got to eat pizza and ice cream and
mommy got to eat her favorite meal too!!
Hopefully it wont be as long untill the next post. i will definitly have to let everyone know about jocelyns first day of school. And show off my crafty side =)


SenoraSabrosita said...


I love to see and hear about your life! Most especially the pictures!

The Other Tiffany said...

where the hell is the craftiness? Do I have to wait and see you in November to see it?