Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my ham and cheese

i want to share a photo with you of my baby!
This is one of my favorite Callie moments. Just like all 2year old's, Callie is VERY into Elmo and Dora. One day i was going through all of Jocelyn's old clothes and found these pj's. IF you cant tell. They have Elmo, cookie monster , and big bird on them. Now i can remember Jocelyn wearing these and have a very cute picture of he in them. So, i was feeling a little nostalgic and decided to take a picture after bath time of the girls in the pj's.
When Alan got the girls dressed for bed that night Callie was sooooooo excited she couldn't even contain herself!!
I asked her to show me her jammies and this is what happen.......

she is soo cute i cant stand it sometimes =)

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The Other Tiffany said...

holy crap...she is definitely a Melanson!!