Sunday, December 16, 2007

So talk about being proud of your husband??! Last weekend Alan preached his first "real" sermon. He was asked by Cannon Mark in New Hampshire to come up and preach. He was nervous but he did an awesome job!

It was weird to see my husband up in front of a church preaching. I am used to him being in front of the youth but to see him as a "grown up" in front of the "big church" (that is what they called it in FL) was really weird. It was odd to see where my life might be headed. I guess it was God giving me a little picture of what could be. Being a major planner that was nice =) Can you imagine Dn. Alan?! haaa The best part of the whole thing? Alan forgot his dress shoes so he had to wear his black chucks!! it was great! I think if he ever becomes a deacon or a priest he should wear them all the time . But for some reason I don't think that would fly with the bishop =)

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