Friday, December 21, 2007

Dont wanna fall asleep.......

A few Updates....

Jocelyn had her Christmas performance for school today and gosh was it cute. She wasn't feeling very well so the singing wasn't as loud as last time and the energy wasn't quite as high, but she did a great job and knew every word, almost. =)

They were little angels and sang silver bells happy birthday Jesus and away in a manger.

Jocelyn made up her own words "away in a manger no crib for a bed the little Poor Jesus lay down his sweet head" it was so cute

I cant believe that she is in school! She is growing up so fast. I just want to hold on and put things is slow motion. I don't want to miss anything.Some times she will give me a hug and i will squeeze her and she says always says "you can let go mommy. i wont grown up. i will be your little girl forever. I promise!" I feel like i feel asleep one day and woke up and it was her fourth birthday!

On that note...What a birthday she had. She had a big birthday party with about 12 little 3 and 4 year olds. Alan was dressed as a clown and lead the little ones in duck duck goose, freeze dance (Callie's favorite) and pin the tail on the clown.

They decorated cupcakes and just had a great time.

I will put pictures up soon of that. When Pops decides to send me some pictures =)

Then there was her actual birthday. Alan and I decided that for the girls birthday we would have a special dinner and a cake with just our family. Jocelyn decided that she wanted pizza and ice cream cake (simple girl) It was a blast. I think that Jocelyn had more fun opening the gifts with her sister than anything else. They are so cute together.

This is Callie bringing Jocelyn the present that she "bought" for her. She was so excited to give it to her big sister. The bag was as big as she is. It was really cute.

She got the collectors addition of Candy Land. That was my favorite game when i was a little girl and just seeing the classic board and pieces made me remember how much i loved it. I think i was more excited to give it to her than she was to get it.

here are just a few shots of the day.

Awww sisters =)

My baby girl enjoying her cake

Attempt at a group shot

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