Thursday, March 28, 2013



For one moment do you think it might be possible to go back to when my sweet Jocelyn was a baby? Or maybe 2? She was so very sweet. It was just me and her. (and dad too) 
Just to have that little snuggle from her. To have her sing you are my sunshine on my shoulder. To hear her little voice. Gosh I would cherish it so much more i promise. I would play more and sit with her more. I would read and color more. I wouldn't yell or get angry I PROMISE!! PLEASE??

I know it cant happen. I know that i will never get that time back. But for a moment i can close my eyes and breathe in and smell that smell. I can hear her voice. The memories flash in my mind like they just happen. LORD PLEASE PLEASE dont let me forget. 


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