Tuesday, August 28, 2012

did i do anything??

I made a list of things i wanted to do before i turned 30.  I failed at a lot of these things, but i made some pretty amazing changes. I am going to try and complete everything on this list.  Hopefully before i turn 40!

1. Read a book every two weeks
2. Watch less TV
3. Buy something new for myself once a month ( i tend to buy for other people)
4. Go to the gym 3 times a week.  
5. explore more of Long Island. It is such a wonderful place
6. be a better friend
7. be a better wife.
8. Take a class or two.
9. Travel
10. pay off debt
11. be myself
12. Pray more
13. keep my house clean....er
14. Have Friendsgiving
15. Finish painting all the half painted things in my house
16. Learn how to REALLY play the piano
17. Spend the day alone without any children
18. have a theme party. maybe Asian??
19. Learn how to cook
20. get a massage..i don't like them
21. paint my nails once a week.
22. change my hair in some way
23. Get together with old friends
24. Work out 3 times a week/ get in shape for Spain!!!
25. wear only things that i am comfortable in
26. Find my confidence again
27. Actually print out some of the pictures i have taken
28.Learn how to garden
29. Go to Manhattan on my own!

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