Sunday, July 15, 2012

A new start

So we are back from Spain!!!! It was amazing. The people the food the weather! It was the best!!! I remembered why I married my husband. We actually like each other. It was great. The not so great part was that I'm pretty sure i ate my weight and the mans weight in cheese,jamon,and bread!! Yes I know vacation blahhhhhh but I have worked so hard to get myself back to a normal healthy eating place and now I have to do it allllllllover again. It's an awful battle having "food and body issues". I have definitely come a lonnnnnng way since high school but that battle still rages. The comparison and the discust that likes to sneak up. It's awful. I know all the stuff. You are beautiful God loves you Everyone is different Nobody had the same body I'm aware. Believe me. They have become chants that I say to myself. But it still doesn't change the fact that I need to be healthier and more active and show my three little chicks what healthy means. My girls deserve to have a healthy mom. A mom that is in the best place she can be. So today I start back. A refreshed vacationed mom. A mom that is going to be the best I can be. Mentally physically and emotionally. I will fail. I know we all do. But i will get back up. I will start over. Each day it will get easier and easier. I guess since I put this in blog world I will have to keep myself accountable.

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Ashlee Christopher said...

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