Monday, July 9, 2012

it is good to be the king

Man i wish i was royalty. I'm pretty sure every little girl at some point wishes to be a princess. I was always a Belle girl. The reader who saw through the ugly beast to the handsome kind prince.
Being in spain we HAD to see the castle. I mean a REAL LIFE princess' home!!!
(well not anymore but at one point. they live outside of madrid now )

I can't believe how many rooms and dishes they had!! is it really necessary to have 4 forks?? We could save those servants a lot of time hand washing those dishes.
also i don't think it was really all that necessary to have a dressing room AND a bedroom AND a closet.  I think I would have a smaller palace.
Ohhhh and the beautiful light fixtures. But again imagine all the poor people who had to walk around and light all those candles?! I would NOT want that job.
The walls actually had fabric on them!!
 I wonder if it was good to be the servant of the king. I guess if you had a jerk of a king it wouldn't be so fun.
Im thinking i would be more like downton abbeyish. you know who is in charge but totally treat people with respect. Give nice gifts at christmas like they did! treat them like family. (yes i have thought long and hard about these things)

I wasn't aloud to take pictures inside the castle  it said "no sacar fotografia". Totally LAME.
 such a beautiful place!
over looking the kingdom


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