Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A friend of mine recently had a baby. 8 weeks and 2 days ago!!!

It is an amazing thing anytime any baby is born but I think its overly amazing when having a baby has been a struggle.
I was very very blessed to be able to get pregnant very easily. I am one of those people that people who are trying to get pregnant hate.
All 4 times i have been pregnant It took one month. I always took for granted this blessing. I thought that is how things go. You get married and have a baby.
I never even imagined that people struggle to get pregnant.

Its weird  because two of my closest friends have had horrific journeys to having their first child. Ironically they both have the same name too.
I got to see first hand the struggle and the pain that trying to conceive can be for some people. The desire to be pregnant becoming a painful thing. Its a wonderful thing to want to be a mom. Its not that its a bad desire. Its a holy and a beautiful thing. But yet the longing becomes painful instead of joyful.

When that baby finally comes I think its extra beautiful. It isn't taken for granted or looked over what an amazing blessing it is to carry a baby and bring life into the world.

i cant wait to see her again!!! hopefully before she is 20!!

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