Tuesday, March 20, 2012

out of the mouths of babes

This has been a rough week for my oldest girlie.
Her best and only friend in school has moved away. Man was she devastated. 
I mean on top of having a really hard time in school with girls not including her and yelling at her. REALLY yelling at her. I usually do not judge other mothers because God only knows we are doing the best we can ,but SERIOUSLY!!??? What are you teaching your child? This one girl has been a problem all year for a few kids. If she was in like 8th grade or somewhere in middle school i would totally get it. I mean don't we all remember how awful middle school was?? But these girls are 8!! 
UGGGGGG enough of my vent on other peoples children. I try not to live in that place to long. You know judge not lest ye be judged and all. 

This Sunday was pajama day in Sunday school!! I know super cool wearing Pjs to church and it is acceptable. I wish! They had a little snack and a great lesson about keeping Sunday holy and resting. 
for juice they had capri suns. My daughter asked if she could have the empty ones for her school. They are always collecting weird things at her school. I didn't think twice about it. 

Yesterday while the hubsman was driving her to school he asked her why she needed these empty capri suns?  She said that the daisy's (girl scouts) collected them for some reason. He then asked who was in girl scouts in her class? Do you know who it was?????? You are never going to believe it! THE MEAN GIRL!!! She brought them into her class for that girl that yelled at her!! The one who is super mean to her every day!!!!!!

Lesson of the day.....Love your enemy. 
Lesson learned from.....my EIGHT year old. 

She is such a great girl!! ok great kid rant over with.  im going to go enjoy my quiet house. Lord knows it wont be quiet much longer. 

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