Friday, September 2, 2011

Some pretty cute kiddos.

Last weekend was my birthday. I entered into the last year of my 20's. I cannot believe that I am already here. The time has gone by so fast. People say 30's are awesome. I always thought that at 30 I would be old. Im not OLD!
Sadly my birthday was taken over by this little weather issue. Her name was irene. She brought in fear and anxiety to everyone on this little island i live on. Thankfully my tiny house and most of my friends and families made it through with not a stitch of damage.
One of the places that got hit pretty bad was upstate NY! Of all places for a hurricane to hit and cause so much damage. Awful!!!
BUT before the lady came into town my family and I went to visit some friends. We had a great time. Nice walks over the hudson, nice chats out on the porch, and s'mores!!
 Our friends happen to have some pretty cute kids too! So I thought i would help them out and get some pictures NOT on a cell phone.
my girl going for a nice walk. she was wearing her "press" hat. When she doesn't want to be a teacher a doctor or a mommy she wants to be a reporter. 

These kids are the stereotypical girl and boy! They are some of my favorite kids.

The bug got a little trampoline action. She only liked it when daddy was holding her.
It was a tad windy, but still beautiful!

i should probably get some first birthday photos. Next time...

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Mama Fee said...

OMG i have chills reading this! BTW i c future in photography, modeling, writing... u have it all at ur hands! :)