Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Girls

For my 29th (AHHHHHHHHH) birthday my husband signed me up for this online course from a blog i follow called  willette designs. It is a three week photography class. It is called Family Joy. 
She basically is showing us ideas and ways to make family portraits better. Which is great for my new adventure. 
So, I have been taking A TON of family photos. Everything from playing to Alan cleaning Callie's ears this morning. I know I know nobody wants to see that but really she was making the BEST faces. 

This morning my ham and cheese Miss Callie Faye played model before school. She is so funny. I started to think of another blog that i follow about  the Szarmacks. They are friends of my husbands and they are on the journey to adopt a little boy from Africa. Anyhoo...She is describing each one of her children. 
It got me thinking of my kiddos. They are so great!!! Even though they drive me BONKERS some times. 

Since my middle child will be 5 next month (and I got some cute photos of her) I will start with her. 

My little Pumpkin Callie Faye is the laughter in this house. She is almost all of the time the reason why we are laughing.  

Callie is constantly putting on a show, dancing or jumping around the house.  
She is also a poster child for a middle child. Always looking for ways for someone to pay attention to her.  whether it be positive or negative. 
Callie is a lover. She just loves people with all of her heart. She is the first to come over when someone is crying or upset. Her heart is just so soft. She gets her feelings hurt very easily and very rarely do we have to tell her something more than once.  Ever since she was a baby if we told her no that was it. Never again. I never had to buy locks for cabinets or gates for stairs. She also is very athletic but has to be in "tap-tap shoes" and a "church dress". So a lot of the time she is running around outside trying to keep up with her big sister in a tu-tu.  And man does she LOVEEEEE her big sister. She so desprately wants to be like her. To the point of annoying her sister. 
Callie is my little buddy. A true momma's girl. She will openly admit that she wants to be by my side all the time. Although she LOVES kindergarden. 
She is a tiny girl version of her daddy both in looks and spirit. The first to pray for someone when they are sick. She will pray until she knows that they are better. She loves babies both real and pretend. 
Callie has been such a reminder in my life to laugh and let loose. She is my sweet stuff in the middle, my little butterfly and my ham and cheese sandwich. 

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Sarah said...

Loved this post! And thanks for the mention :-)
Your pics are looking amazing, Keep up the good work!!