Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Three things I wish someone would have informed me of when i decided to get married and have kiddos..

1. You sometimes wont like your children. I mean yes you always love them, but not like them. I mean who could possibly LIKE a child who is screaming and whining?? Or like a child who decides you are the "most boringist" while you are trying to cook dinner and wont play with them.

2. The heart that once resided in your body now lives in other people(s). Anyone who is a mother TOTALLY knows what I am talking about. The fact that when your child gets hurt emotionally or physically YOU actually hurt. Your heart breaks when they get hurt by another person.

3. You can't quit kids!! I mean i have quit jobs, diets, relationships. I could even in theory not reality quit my marriage. (I WOULD NEVER!!) But children you will always be a parent. You can be an awful one, but still a parent. Your DNA is in another human. No matter what you do you are connected to that person.

I dont think any of these things would have changed my mind about having babies, but i wish i was a little more prepared.

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SenoraSabrosita said...

It's amazing how God puts so much love in us to share. Everytime I get pregnant I tell my hubby, "how am I going to love this baby like I love my other children?" But somehow miraculously our heart strings expand and our heart grows.