Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fresh Start

July 1st we moved into a little Cape house in a town called Oceanside. It is a small house, as most Capes are, but it is so sweet and has just enough charm and character for my small family.
The only problem is that the colors did NOT fit this house nor did they fit my style.
I am a big fan of color and bold patterns but i also think that you should go with the style and location of a house.

The kitchen is a brand new kitchen. New appliances, cabinets and counter tops. Not quite what i have picked but nice just the same. And since we are renting i cant really be too picky. The color on the other hand was beige and had a maroon and green wallpaper border with a faux paint boarder above that. Nice for some people but not me and my orange pots and pans!

After going through 15 different paint samples and tons and tons of research on the computer, i decided to go with a really nice blue color.

I am going to carry it through into my living room and in the hallway into the bathroom also.
I think with all the white molding and all the different doorways the same color will bring an openness to the small rooms and short walls.

and here is the after..................................

its amazing to me what a little color can do

My next task this week is to finish my living room. I really need to hang some pictures and pain these walls!!! The transformation is going to take a while, but we are going to be in this place for a while so i am excited about all of the possibilities


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The Other Tiffany said...

Awesome kitchen! The place is really cute!