Friday, March 13, 2009

all two of you who read this =)

I have been away for a while. Away from here not on vacation. (I wish)
My sister in law has inspired me once again to do some changes in my house. So i will be posting some pictures later on with updates on that.

But in the meantime I will share a few photos of my girlies.
Jocelyn lost her first tooth a few months ago. She is getting so big. She said last night while

he was half asleep on my bed.."mommy, I love Jesus with my whole heart. I love everything else with just a little part. I love you and daddy A lot but not as much as Jesus" Minny Alan????

Callie is a bundle of joy. She demands your attention in a good way. All smiles and hugs! I cant believe she is already 2 1/2!!!

My life has been a little crazy. I feel as if i am watching things fly by me and i just cant get a hold of them. I think that is why people who have older children say " it was just yesterday..."
So my goal for this week has been to try to really sit and take in the things around me. Really watch my children and see the little things that make them special.

I also have found that for a short time my children became my life. I am a stay at home mom and i do enjoy it. I am blessed to be able to stay home with them and still make ends meet. BUT, when i am 40 years old (i know its not old but my oldest will be 20) i dont want to be figuring out what i love to do.

SO i am finding an outlet. I havent yet found just one thing so i am trying many. I love photography and i love decorating. When i was in High school all i did was sit and listen to music and write in my journal. So i have started doing that again. A friend of ours just made a copy of every U2 cd ever made so its been easy figuring out what to listen to. Side note....they really are an AWESOME band!

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The Other Tiffany said...

I thought you'd never write on this thing again! You need to send an email to friends and family with link so they can keep up.

Miss you guys. And follow your heart lady. It will lead you where you need to go :)