Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So...as i am writing this my Callie-girl has just fallen asleep for her am nap, and Jocelyn is "relaxin"(her words) down in her play room watching TV.
I cant believe that yet another Feb here in NY has past! You would think because I have lived here my whole life that I would feel like I have never left. But it is so different. I feel like i just got here.
When Alan and I got married my life changed so much that i feel like i was living in Florida for 10 years. But really it was just over a year. I mean i guess getting meeting someone, getting engaged getting married and having a baby all in a two year time period would make anyone feel like they have lived 5 years instead of Two.
But here we are just having past the 4 year anniversary of our move to NY and I feel like I am finally feeling content. I am nervous as I write that because i know in my life when that happens something drastic happens. Jocelyn is finishing up her first year of nursery school and already she is bored! She is soo incredibly active. She has learned spell some words. I think its more by memory than anything else but still. She can read some words. And she knows all her letters and numbers and how to tell time. We call her our smarty pants.

All this brain activity has caused her and her parents a little bit of trouble, but we will get through it. In NY the cut off date is Dec 1st. He birthday is the 17th. So we will have to wait another year till she goes into Kindergarten. I am hoping the next school we send her to will be a little better for her. More structure.

As for Callie... She is trying so so very hard to talk. She still only says a few words. The basic Mama, dada. She goes on and on with her own words like we can understand her. She gets very mad when we don't do what she is trying to tell her. It amazes me how different they are. Jocelyn was talking from birth and sitting with books and coloring from the time she was 10 months old. Callie on the other hand has just started enjoying books and coloring (not eating the crayons) but she is soo very physical. Jocelyn didn't learn how to jump i think until last year. It was an on going joke in our family. She didn't learn to go up the stairs really well until she was 2.

Now Callie is up and down stairs all the time. She can already jump and run. It amazes. me!

Alan is doing well. Busy!!! He is now on the board for CEC for life and is taking this roll very very seriously. He is being stretched beyond his own strength i think for the first time in his life. Things have always come so very easily for him. And i think that he is really truly learning to rely on God. Not that he hasn't in the past but again...Jocelyn gets her smarty pants from her father!

I am in a good place (today =*) God has been really showing me things about myself. Both the good and the bad. He has been strengthening relationships in my life and forming new ones that i was in such a need of. I am still on the continual journey of getting my big ol butt in shape but i believe this time it is for a better reason. Who wants a lazy 25 year old???

well that is the update on the middlemelansons.

As for my other family....my dad is doing great at his new "job" I really believe that God has put him here and is restoring the CEC to wear he wants it to be.

tata for now

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