Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I feel like everytime i sit down to write something the words escape me. I know its hard to believe! So here are some pictures.

~this one is typical Callie. She has gotten so big. She loves to make everyone laugh. If you laugh at something she does or "trys" to say she will do it over and over again!

here is my girl loving some snacks and watching Elmo "momo"

~I wish this picture would have come out better. We let Jocelyn read in our bed while Callie is falling asleep. It also helps her to unwind with out thinking she has to go to bed! This time she was soo tired she fell asleep! TOO CUTE!

This one is too funny! Callie is such a ham! She was making Jocelyn laugh.

here are the girls with Kevin and Amanda. We had so much fun with them =)

saying her prayers

Jocelyn looks just like her least I think so

I cant believe how time flys.

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