Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Watch our Rachel Ray!!! =)

AHHHH This time of year is my Favorite! I love the crisp air and all the beautiful colors of the trees. It has started to get cooler up here in the NE, but not too cold. It is wonderful.

We have just celebrated Thanksgiving up here, along with the rest of America. It was a new experience in the Melanson household.
I "did" Thanksgiving. I made the turkey, the stuffing, Cyndys famous Broccoli casserole, spinach dip, and all of the other wonderful smelling side dishes that we indulge in. I even made Apple Pie and Pumpkin pie!!

A dear friend of mine said to me yesterday...."awww im so proud of you! You are all grown up"

It is true there is something about "doing" a holiday for your whole family that really makes someone feel grown up.

The day went over without even a bump in the road. No fighting, no drama, everyone got along and it was BEAUTIFUL! We had an extra addition this year. My little Man!! My nephew Aaron was here! Cute as can be, all dressed up in his button down shirt and sweater SOOOO CUTE! The day ended and we all were in bed i think by 9:30! =)

I really dont understand why people freak out about the day. Its just cooking and being with your family. Our day was perfect! The only thing missing .......Mimi, Popy, Sean, Ryan, Tiffany, Mia, Miles, Danielle, Kris, Lola and Kiley!!!!!!! We missed you all!!!!!!

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