Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It has been almost 2 months of sickness in my house. Since the weekend of Halloween at least one person has had some sort of nasty sickness. The baby was on a nebulizer(sp) twice and the middle was coughing for 3 weeks. Im pretty sure we helped keep CVS in business. Man are antibiotics pricey. Tell me again why we are paying a bazillion dollars to health insurance? It doesn't seem to be doing anything.

totally not the point of this rant.
So yesterday the sickness finally hit me like a ton of bricks. Fever achy the whole 9 yards. Instead of folding the 17 loads of laundry (not im not kidding) I spent the afternoon on the couch with tea and soup.

I decided to pay 5 dollars for a movie on demand since the baby was sleeping and i could not for the life of me find the remote to my apple tv to watch netflix.

I ordered the movie The Help. First what an awesome movie. I LOVVVVVEEE LOVVVEEE Emma Stone. The story was amazing. For anyone who has not seen the movie it takes place around the time JKF got shot and Blacks and Whites were segregated. It is in the south I believe Jackson, Mississippi. It follows the life of "colored" women who worked for wealthy white women.

With about 20 minutes left to the movie the wee one decided to wake up from her nap. And in some sort of rare freakness she wanted to just lay on me and watch the movie. I was fully prepared to pause and resume later when all was sleeping.

So as she sat there with her binky and scarf a scene came on when the "white" mother (i am using the terms from the movie) was not acting very nice to the child. I don't want to spoil anything and the details of the scene are not important. The nanny took the child afterwards and loving said to the child "you is kind, you is special and you is important". This little girls mom wouldn't talk to her or hold her or say anything  nice about this child. It really broke my heart.
In another scene the little girl said to her nanny "you is my really mommy." That little girl didn't see color she saw a women who loved her and cared for her. Her mother and father instilled hate and racism into her. They taught that them "colored" people had different diseases and they didn't want to catch them. That these women should be treated worse than dogs. It was awful.

It made me think about how grateful I am that people in my parents generation including my father stood up for people and the right to live and have a healthy equal life. They didn't sit back and say "i don't want to offend people."
It wasn't the norm for people to stand up for equal rights. We look back now and say how could anyone treat another human being like that but when my dad and mom were growing up that is what was expected.  That is what people knew.

I am so glad that my children don't see a difference in color. They believe that every single person is different. That God made us all different colors not one person has the same color skin or eyes.  We are all loved by God and we are all made in the same image.  The color of our skin and the language we speak does not make us any less or anymore human we all have the right to live a full life.


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Cathy Bates said...

Im glad you had that cup of tea and watched "The Help," great movie!
Sometimes we just need to rest to begin up the mountain.