Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Real World: Long Island

When I was a little girl I had images of what I would do when I got older. I always wanted to be a mother and a wife. I wanted a TON of kids and I wanted to stay home with them.  As I got older the dream stayed the same. Kids, Husband, house. 
The Man came along and then the kids. I am still waiting on the house but that dream is one that can wait.
Life is perfect.At least all the magazines say that it should be. On all the T.V shows it shows pretty houses and clean floors. Pictures in frames beautifully hung on the wall. Mom's with beautiful hair and perfectly manicured nails. Children who listen and fall asleep like angels. 

Nobody ever shows what a real house looks like. I mean they show the crazies. But never really show what a normal persons house looks like. They never tell you when you give birth to a beautiful baby girl that she will be 7 one day and have such an attitude sometimes that you don't want to be around her. Or that your 4 year old will hurt your feelings so badly that it will make you cry. SO I figured I would show what my House looked like around 4:30 this afternoon. 

This is real life. Some one should put this in a magazine

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