Sunday, March 20, 2011

joy of luck 4

Joy of Luck

day 4. This day is my favorite so far. 7 of my favorite material things. I have 5 so far. The last two are outside and it is dark out. So tomorrow will have the last two.
i couldn't take a picture of my actual camera, so the lenses will have to do. I LOVE my camera. I am so grateful that my mother wanted to "upgrade" and gave me my Nikon D100.  

 these are finger paintings that my 2 oldest girls did about 3 years ago. Callie was about 2 and Jocelyn was around 5. ( i wish i would have put a date on them)
Coffee Pot. 

My engagement ring and my wedding band. The hubers did a great job picking out my ring. At the time the antique setting was not that popular. So to me it was very unique. The diamond was also bought by my father from a great man the day the hubs met the family. He said "I have two girls. One day they will get married and need a good diamond"
I really do love all things Starbucks. Coffee cups, snacks, coffee. I even loved working at one. 

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