Monday, February 21, 2011

Failing Already

I haven't really had time to post so I am going to do 2 days in one.

day 18 Going Out

This one is so sad.  The Mr. and I have not been out on a date in so long!! It seems that every time we go out we have a child with us...isn't that so sad!?

day 19 When He is Gone

Since the Mr. is gone a few nights a week , I have many many pictures of my house and family when he is not home.
We usually end up having a very unhealthy dinner. Ice cream, Popcorn, and maybe a piece of fruit to make me feel like a good mother.

I am not a fan of him not being home, but I do enjoy a little time alone. So after the children are put to bed and the house is "clean" I usually put on the very unattractive PJ's and watch my soap. Thank you Lord for DVR.

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