Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Worst Mom EVERRRR

Today I heard the words that every mother probably hears at least once ...."You are the WORST MOM EVERRRR" Yes i heard that from my six year old. Can I tell you the pain that went right through me at that moment was nothing i have ever felt. Every fear every insecurity about being a mother was being fed by a upset, and over dramatic six year old. Why did she scream this at me? You would think it was because I abuse her or that I at least took away her favorite toy. Nope, it was because I sent her to bed 5 minutes early.
Granted she didn't know it was only 5 minutes early. It would have been lunch time they way she screamed and carried on. I set her to bed because she had a melt down about using the bathroom upstairs while her little sister was using the downstairs bathroom. What a horrible thing I made her do!!

So, anyway....a freshly baked coconut cupcake and a few cookies later I started to feel better. Then the guilt of what I ate sat in and i did my stupid stupid prenatal workout and felt a little better. But still the words kept ringing in my ear..".just quit she already thinks you are awful. You have already ruined her. Stop trying to be a good mom. You aren't cut out for this"

At that moment I decided i was going to check my email one last time and then go to bed and read a book. The day is over. I cant fix today I cant only work on tomorrow.

I then came across this video that was on a blog i follow. This women may not share the same exact beliefs I do, but her story made my stupid story look like nothing. She made me think that I can do better than what I am doing. Tomorrow is a NEW day and a NEW start.

Her words are words of inspiration, joy, pain, insecurity, and just normal everyday mother stuff!

PS...i will never never fly again!


Hannah Stevenson said...

I hope a good nights sleep helped! This job is the opposite of easy. I love Nie Nie too...she always helps to put things into perspective. Glad to have you following...hope it will be a place of inspiration for you.

likeschocolate said...

Sadly, I think we have all heard those words at least once. The good news is that they don't really mean it.