Wednesday, January 13, 2010

kids room re-do

SO, i have two little girls. Jocelyn is 6 and Callie is 3. They are sooo very different. Jocelyn is a child who loves arts and craft and enjoys books and learning. She could walk around the house with the same clothes on for 3 days and not even care. As long as she is cozy. Callie is a girl to the core. She wont wear black or brown unless paired with pink. She wants to change her outfit 3 times a day and wont take no for an answer. She loves dolls and pretend .

Even with that they both LOVE pink. I have given in up until this point. I cant handle anymore PINK!

SO this is my idea..
Zircon - SW7667this grey will be the color of the wall. I might go a little lighter. This is the palate i am thinking....still pink and girlie ..........and since baby number 3 will be here in August, if this little one is a boy we can go with the lime and blue for him!!!


Sarah Ortiz said...

Congratulations! I didn't realize you guys were expecting. That's so exciting. =)

Katelin said...

oh love that room design, so fun and those colors are still bright and girly.