Friday, December 18, 2009

one day.....

In July my family moved from a Spanish style house to a tiny cape. The old apartment had talllll ceilings and tiny windows. It had a big (bigger than what i have now) living room and a GREAT fireplace. It also had mold behind the walls, broken tile in the kitchen, and you had to walk through my bedroom to get to the living room. Not to mention the worst color green playroom that was the first room you entered when you walked in my house.
The new place is has nice big windows beautiful hard wood floors a BASEMENT with a laundry room!!! It has no mold or broken tile. The walls are tiny but freshly painted in the color of my choice. It still has tons of work that needs to be done. Pictures need to be hung in the proper places and i need to find the right furniture for my living room. The overstuffed couches just don't work in a tiny living room.
I plan to raise my children in this wonderful little house. Unless of course we buy a house one day.
But until then I am working on making my house look like this

these colors are my favorite for a bedroom.
with a little bit of this in the kids playroom/guestroom

these are the colors in my living room!

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