Thursday, November 6, 2008

feeling old

Once again i am using a post from my sister in laws blog. (

i am making a fun "to do" list. 27 things do do before i turn 27. i have a whole year pretty much since i just turned 26 in august. this should be fun.

1. Have more fun with my children.
2. Make my marriage more of a priority.
3. finish decoration my bedroom
4. read 2 books a month (suggestions please)
5. Journal EVERYDAY
6. start my garden
7. have another baby
8. save more money
9. be content where i am
10. be a better friend
11. bake more (from scratch)
12. keep my house clean
13. have a theme night at my house costumes and all
14. make a girls night happen at LEAST 2 times a month
15. go on a fun trip
16. print out my pictures and put them in frames or albulms
17. stop watching so much tv
18. go to the gym 4 times a week (i am almost at this one. i have been going 3 times a week for 4 months)
19. make a special time every week where i spend time with each one of my girls alone doing something they love.
20. buy a new pair of shoes once a month
21. forgive more
22. judge less
23. learn how to REALLY use my sewing machine
24. learn how to make clothes for my children
25. pray more
26. LOVE more
27. write more letters to the people i love!

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