Wednesday, July 9, 2008

its been a bit

it has been a while since i have been on here. I am not sure why i haven't posted. i wish that it was because of some crazy busy life or something, but really it is just laziness. i haven't been wanting to sit and load pictures and all of that.

so here i am. A few things have happen. Jocelyn graduated from pre school. i cant even believe it. She is so big already.I cant believe that next year starts the process of "real" school for her. Because of her birthday she wont be in kindergarten like the rest of her friends she is going to pre-k which is ok with me. I am not sure i am ready to have her gone all day everyday. the break would be nice but....I'm just not ready for my baby girl to be in real school. Anyway she will be going to school mon-fri from 8:30 till 11:30. She gets a lunch box and a book bag and everything!

Callie is getting so big. She is talking up a storm. (not in English) She says some words that the general public can understand. Like No, shoes, yes, and whoa. A few others but other than that its just language that her family can understand. She has officially entered the terrific two's. Screaming and demanding her way. But she is still a Love! She is a ham and if you laugh she does it over and over again. my little comic relief from the ciaos of my day.

As for Alan he is insane with work. Working late (till around 9:30pm) two to three nights a week. and planing events for the youth group. He is preparing his workshop for convocation, and being a husband and dad. One day things will slow down. but not right now. =) Most important he is getting OLD!!! his birthday is Friday. what an old fart! 28! almost 30

for me...its the same. i have found a new joy in going to the gym and cleaning. who would have guessed that this lazy slob would enjoy running and cleaning her house. but it feels good and I'm enjoying myself. i just got a new sewing machine so i am in the process of making slip covers for the table cushions and purses and all sorts of fun stuff.
well that's all folks

here are some pictures. i will write more soon...promise


The Other Tiffany said...

Finally a new post. The girls look adorable.

So glad to hear you are sewing. We need to share patterns. I'm looking for some purse patterns. Tired of the same old stuff everyone else has.

See you in a few weeks!


SenoraSabrosita said...

Love seeing the pics of the girls! They are growing so fast. It was great to see you at Convcation!

On another note, you've been tagged! Read the rules and have some fun with us!

The Other Tiffany said...

You need to blog more! Here's your excuse...

you've been tagged! Read the rules on my blog.