Wednesday, January 2, 2008

People are Interested????

So, I just found out that MY blog is on the link to the CEC web site. How crazy. Do people really care about what I have to say? I really don't think that my little family is that interesting to people besides my parents! I guess i should hit spell check now huh??!

I figure if other people are reading they may not know who i am or who my husband is. My name is Katie Melanson. My husband is Alan Melanson. We have 2 small children. Callie is 14 months old and Jocelyn is 4 years old. We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary last Thursday.
It has been a long but quick road that has gotten us to the place we are now. We met in November of 2001 and had a long distance relationship until we got married in December of 2002. It was hard and people thought we were crazy but we did it anyway. After we got married I moved to Florida to be with Alan. He was raised in Jacksonville Florida and was the youth leader at (then Cathedral) Church of the Messiah. Alan had a full ride to College at UNF and had 2 more years till he was finished. (hes a smarty pants =p) So, we decided that it would be better for him to finish then I would go and finish school. God had different plans for us . Three months after we got married i got pregnant with Jocelyn. We were so excited and very nervous. Since Alan was in school full time i was the bread winner and Alan and i made the decision early on that i would stay home with our children even if it meant we were dirt poor.
But just like God had a plan for Jocelyn in our lives, he had a plan for us. God spoke to 2 of the different priest in NY and told them to hire Alan on as youth leader. Since Dn Brett at the time was getting started with Bridges and it was going fast they needed someone. So in Feb of 2004 we moved to NY. It was a hard move for Alan but we both new it was a God thing. =) Alan fit right in up here. He has been involved in Youth Ministry for a long time. He had some cultural issues to deal with but he adjusted great! In October of 2006 we had our 2nd little girl Callie Faye. She is such a joy! Callie is a peanut but in no way does she act like one. She lets us know that she is in the room and she lets us know just what she wants. Jocelyn is now 4years old and lets you know! She is smart just like her daddy. Jocelyn amazes me everyday and she is such a loving little girl. (most of the time) I cant believe that we have come this far.
We are still at The Cathedral and are trying our hardest to walk in the will of God. We fall sometimes and make mistakes but we are listing to God and are praying that he will guide our steps.
It hasn't been an easy year but day by day we are making it. I believe that if you listen to God and try to walk in HIS will for your life then you will be blessed.

So anyway back to the purpose of this blog. =) This was our Christmas

Jocelyn was in the Christmas Eve Performance for the first time this year. It was so cute! This is when they were singing "Happy Birthday Jesus"
Here are my girlies They were so cute! So happy!

This is at my moms house on Christmas. I love how we are hanging on as tight as we can to the girls. All they wanted to do was go inside and see what "Santa" left at Grammy and Papa's for them.

Classic Callie

Just getting some daddy giggles

Callie LOVES her "baba" she got from MiMi.

Here is my big girl.
Alan and Jocelyn play with the
new toy that he got from the
Cromptons. A blue jeep! =)

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