Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Soo not PC!

Since Jocelyn missed the cut off date for school by 17 days, we have been sending her to a little pre-school called His Kids. It is amazing. It is in a little church about 15 min from our house. The teachers are amazing. They are sweet and soft spoken. They teach her all the things a "real school" would. She colors and paints, has play time and reading time. She said her favorite is snack time. Mommy's favorite part about the school is that they teach her all about God, too. I love that she learns all the Bible stories that I teach her at home.

So today Jocelyn had her first "play". They called it a Pow-Wow. Yes thats right. The teachers dressed up as Pilgrims and the kids all dressed up as Indians. (Not Native Americans) They sang songs like the frisky little squirrel and 5 little Indians. They sang Jesus Loves All the Children and The B-I-B-L-E. It was soo cute. My little baby sang strong, loud and sooo off key. It was wonderful. She knew every word to the songs. (When she was paying attention)

I cant believe how big she is getting. In less than a month she Will be 4! It seems like yesterday it was her learning how to walk and talk and having turkey! But its Callie's turn now. It is amazing my joyful little baby has turned into a joyful little girl.

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